Spring Wreath

Spring is coming soon! For some it has arrived. Here, in Montana, it isn’t quite here yet but I can see it is trying. I was looking around on Pinterest and saw some lovely ideas for DIY wreaths. I went to the local craft store and found a section specially set aside for wreaths, which made shopping very easy. I started out with these supplies: Image
An already assembled stick wreath, some wire cutters, some burlap ribbon, floral wire, floral tape, an assortment of fake flowers and a little burlap bird that they had available. It seemed to be plenty more than I needed in the end.

I started by cutting and trimming all of the flowers and leaves, and wrapping them together in little bunches. I then set out an arrangement of where I would place everything. Then I took the floral wire and would wrap it around the stem of the flowers and then stick the stem through the twigs. After it was in the place I wanted, I would wrap the wire around and over and under the flowers and wreath to secure the bunches. I did this with all the different bunches until I had my finished product! Image
Oh, I also tied the bow and wrapped that on with wire as well. The project was much, much simpler than I had expected. I am very pleased with it, and it currently hangs on my door – hopefully urging Spring to come sooner!


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